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Veronica Valencia
Veronica Valenica
Veronica Valenica
Veronica Valencia

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my proven system

My system is for you if:

You Do NOT have anything in place.
You have a policy in place but you don't think it's enough.
You've never learned about the options you have.
You're curious about how Mortgage Protection can PAY OFF your Mortgage.
You want to make sure you have something in place for your children or grandchildren.

My system is NOT for you if:

You are set with plenty of money for generations to come.
You know all about Life Insurance and your fully Insured.
Your Mortgage and Debt is completely paid off.
You are not worried about Funeral Cost.
Money is no issue.

Hi there

My name is Veronica Valencia

I am a mom to a sweet little boy, bonus mom to 3 beautiful young adults, wife, and homeschool mama.

I didn't learn about Life Insurance until I was in my 40's. I'm so happy I have taken the time to sit and learn what's available for me but I wish I would have learned this so much sooner.

I am making it my mission to educate people like me, people that were not taught about Life Insurance and how it is so much more than just a policy that covers funeral cost.

I hope you will join this journey with me and allow me the pleasure of creating a unique plan just for you.

The things I love to teach

How Insurance Works
How to PAY OFF your Mortgage with a Term Policy
How Final Expense Works
Benefits of Term Life Insurance
Whole vs Term Policies
Benefits of Whole Life Insurance
How to create a Savings with a Whole Life Policy
Why you should insure your children and grandchildren
Which policy is best for you and your family
Making sure you have enough coverage

How much time will your loved ones have in your home with the Life Insurance Policy you have in place now?

How long can they survive if something tragic happens?

Will they have to sell the home, or do you have a Mortgage Protection Plan in place to PAY IT OFF?

Veronica Valencia

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